Aja Is Rebranding – Wishes To Distance From RuPaul’s Drag Race

Aja aims to stay away from RPDR franchise to launch different pathAja, who prefers the pronoun 'they', release their first trapp music album entitled Box Office. Photo from @ajathekween / Instagram

Drag Race has been a compelling platform to launch a drag queen’s global career. And, in the United States, Drag Queens are hoping to be named as America’s Next Drag Superstar to skyrocket their careers, at the same time, take home a handful of prizes such as $100,000 in cash, a crown, a scepter, and a year’s supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics).

Winning Drag Race is one thing, but building a career out of the TV exposure a queen received from the show is a different story. The hit reality TV show have launched the career of most 150+ queens that have been cast in the show since Season 1.

However, that is maybe not the case for Aja, who appeared in the ninth season of RPDR, when they (the pronoun she identifies with) announced in their interview with Rolling Stones that they are distancing their brand from the TV show.

The 25-year-old drag queen has told reporters that they are making a career of their own in the music industry and that they couldn’t care less if they lose fans who followed their journey in Drag Race for a change of career.

“The thing I need to do is be polarising and say, ‘No, I’m a musician.’ Whether people like it or not, if you keep saying it, people will catch on.” they said in an interview.

Aja released their trap album Box Office this month, which features Cupcakke, Lady Luck, Rico Nasty, and Shea Coulee. “The weird part is having to rebrand,” they added.

The drag queen started doing drag at the age of 16 but have been dreaming about having a career in rap. The mother of the House of Aja said that they grew up in a neighborhood full of blacks and Latinos while listening to rap and hip-hop music.

They said that they are now a queer artist who does drag in their performances.

Photo from @ajathekween / Instagram

Aja also believes that their fans who are genuine are there to support them along the way.

“Those are the people who I want to follow me. If you’re just a fan of the show, you’re not a fan of me. I want to create an empire.” they explained. /apr

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