Survey Lists Youth’s Mental Health Issues As Major Concern, Tops Obesity And Substance Abuse

Mental HealthA new research from Beyond Blue showed that mental health prevails more among the youth than obesity and substance abuse. Because of the fear of receiving professional help, cases continue to increase.

A survey in Australia showed that most educators believe that mental health issues are one of the major problems among young children. The research came in line with a new campaign that aims to promote mental health awareness among school staff.

Beyond Blue, a mental health organization is the proponent of the study. The team showed that 86 percent of the research participants deems mental health issues affect adolescents the most. Supporting this input, two out of three respondents said that anxiety prevailed the most. Obesity and substance abuse came next, with 65 and 54 percent respectively.

The organization previously opined that mental health issues prevail the most because adolescents are hesitant to seek professional help. In connection, only 13 percent of young men avail of such. This fact is related to the stigma among the youth that others will think of them differently once people know that they receive professional help.

Most mental health problems occur before the age of 14. In relation, one out of five youth is prone to depression upon reaching 18 years old.

Additional results from the study also showed that 63 percent could confidently help their students regarding mental health improvement. They added that they could do so with the proper education and resources.

As a solution, Beyond Blue launched the Be You campaign. It will give educators the resources that will help them address mental health issues that the youth face.

The tools for the campaign include accredited professional education, access to expert staff, and information on how to help struggling students. In general, the initiative would cover early intervention, prevention, and response services.

Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman said that although educators are not counselors, they could sense if their students are having a hard time. She added that earlier intervention and support would be better.

For the project, Beyond Blue will collaborate with Early Childhood Australia and Headspace. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Government shall take charge of funding the program.

Be You is free and available to around 20,000 schools in Australia. As for general services, Beyond Blue has a phone and live chat support where mental health professionals would cater to anyone who seeks their help.

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