Hotel Booking Sites Have Agreed To Change Their Marketing Strategies After Proven Misleading Offers

online bookingPictured is the front of the office in Manchester. A popular site for booking hotels online.

Traveling to a foreign country requires much knowledge and research of the place including what food to eat, where to go, and which hotel to stay. Most travelers have been using booking apps to help them find the best place to stay for vacation or other purposes. It may include tour packages and several promotions that look so enticing for first-timers. These booking sites primarily hotel booking websites and apps have been misleading their customers on charges per booking.

While these booking sites guide tourists to their destinations, most travel websites have been deceiving people about hotel rates and other search results. The problem with these businesses is that they have not been transparent with their fees for quite some time now. This urged a thorough investigation in the UK and found that they have been operating like this—deceiving users.

The issue on booking sites and apps have been their misleading on claims on discounts and other hidden charges according to the UK Competition and Markets Authority. This has been true for most users who have been using travel websites including major ones such as Trivago (TRVG), Agoda, and Expedia (EXPE). These travel and booking sites have agreed to show transparency to the people and have decided to do the necessary changes to their marketing strategies.

These changes and adjustments have been ordered to be done by September 1 this year.

There have been complaints by tourists on travel websites on the same problem and issue giving them false information, data, fees, and even the hotel’s popularity. Their sites have not been displaying full costs on rooms and other expenses which causes great disturbance for many travelers especially those who had given their complete trust on the booking sites.

However, not all platforms engage in such activity and business schemes. The authorities have ordered to regulate these sites to avoid complaints. In this case, booking sites will be following a set of guidelines and standards which will be a proper way to solve the burning issue. These companies and travel websites have the pledge to show all charges and taxes to their consumers. Discounts will also now be clearer including other promotions and packages available.

Nevertheless, this standardization on booking sites will be in line with keeping everyone with the same standards and guidelines. This is not to attack the image of these travel sites but to impose rules that apply to their offers and said that the changes would be used only selectively. These changes will only affect places that are registered in the United Kingdom.

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