Hitler Paintings To Be Auctioned In Germany


On February 9, more than 30 paintings and drawing of the Nazi dictator signed with “A. Hitler” are about to be sold at a Nuremberg auction house in Germany.

The artworks, from watercolors of pastoral scenes to nude female sketches, will be sold at the German city’s Weidler auction house, according to its website, which includes the listing of an Adolf Hitler ‘special auction’ at the end of its sales catalog.

An unnamed painting of Adolf Hitler to be sold at the Auction, February 9, in Germany. Photo from AUKTIONHAUS WEIDLER

The catalog said to include artworks that are “either signed or monogrammed by A. Hitler” and other furnishings.

“The items come from Austrian or rather European private ownership, originally from famous artists of 3rd Reich, from heirs, or estates of collectors,” the catalog says.

The catalog also boasts of having a variety of artworks of different medium and sizes. According to a report on the sale in the local Nurnberger Nachrichten newspaper, the starting prices of the artworks vary from the type of the artwork to the medium used, and to the size. The lowest price was reported to be at 130 euros ($150) for a charcoal sketch, while other artworks like the watercolor entitled “Ortschaft a Vorgebirgssee,” a scene of a village near a mountain lake, can reach up to 45,000 euros.

A nude sketch by Hitler. Photo from AUKTIONHAUS WEIDLER

Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator who terrorized the Jewish world in the peak of the second world war, is an artist. Many reports that feature his artworks have been produced, and his presumed works have sold for thousands of dollars and are considered one of the most valuable pieces of Nazi memorabilia. Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party in Germany during WWII, has produced hundreds of works and have sold his paintings and postcards to try to earn a living during his life in Vienna.

Two weeks ago, police seized three watercolor paintings presented as Hitler’s works before they are due for an auction in Berlin, claiming that they are forgeries. The Alpine and Rhenish landscapes, dated 1910 and 1911 and were signed ‘A. Hitler’ was offered by auction house Kloss.

In 2015 auction of Hitler’s watercolors, the auction house has fetched nearly 400,000 euros ($452,000) from its sales.

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