Google+ Is Shutting Down On April 2

Google+ to end on AprilAfter years of giving us great service, Google+ has reached its end.

Questions have risen since the news about the end of Google+. The social network is bound to close on the 2nd of April after their failure to take over the lead on other social networks. Google confirmed that it would be deleting all profiles including pages on that day. The announcement went all over the internet as users have raged against Google+. It had also caused a lot of confusion among their users as some of them did not know that they signed up for a “social network.”

One of the most frequently asked question by users is what specific files that will be deleted on Google+. According to Google, all information, data, photos, and videos on Google+ will be permanently removed although all other files that are on other Google services will not be affected.

For instance, similar data such as photos and videos on Google Drive will not be deleted. Also, Google accounts that are linked to other services and networks such as YouTube, Gmail, Maps, etc. will not be discontinued. Google has made it clear that only accounts on Google+ will be removed from the internet.

If you are unsure of that, you have a Google+ account, and you will be receiving an email stating the announcement that Google+ will be going away on April 2, 2019.

Google has already out an official explanation on why they are doing this and why they have finally decided to let go of the site. As a usual business explanation, Google+ has had low usage and had problems regarding maintenance and consumer expectations.

A part of the challenge related to its shutting down might be caused by its data leak that happened last year in March and did not disclose it for about six months. There have been about 500,000 user accounts that were affected by the said data leak. It had allowed third-parties to have access to user data and information that were marked as private. According to reports, it was supposed to be shut down last year in August after the leak but discovered another similar bug moving the shut down on April this year.

While most users do not care about Google+, Google might find it easier to do the shutdown and there will probably be no complaints just a few questions on it. It had admitted that there are far better social media networks where people can get involved with, and Google will only continue to do their part.

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