Drace Race Thailand Winner To Run For Congress

Drag Race Thailand winner, Natalie Pliacam, aims for congress seatNatalie Pliacam, the winner of Drag Race Thailand S1, announced her bid to run for Congress. Photo from @natalia_nu1rich / Instagram

Drag queens are often seen in bars and stadiums as they lipsync and perform for a live audience.

However, there are drag queens who want to make a difference and change the LGBT narrative by using their influence over their fans to further gay and human rights. One of these queens is Natalie Pliacam.

Drag Race Thailand Season 1 winner has announced her plan to run for Congress. Natalie Piliacam, the stage name of Assadayut Khunviseadpong, who became the first winner of the Thailand version of RuPaul’s Drag Race, hopes to win a seat for Thai Local Power Party – a new party running to raise awareness and debate of LGBT issues.

The campaign that the party is running is called “We Are Hero,” Natalia posted on social media to announce her congressional bid. “Everyone in this country is a hero,” she said. “We all go through bad times together and get through conflict together.”

“Today, we want Thai people to know they are all heroes,…Tim’es up on conflict. We need to fight the ones who cause it,” the campaign added.

Winning Drag Race Thailand

Natalie, a drag queen, who made a fortune in the funeral industry, has joined numerous beauty pageants and have one Thailand’s AC/DC. It involves creating a persona specific to another country.

The name Natalia, from Miss Universe 2005 Natalia Glebova, was chosen to be her drag persona as she idolized the former beauty queen. Pliacam, on the other hand, is a play on words in the Thai language that can be translated to as ‘tired labia.’

Natalia, who won Drag Race Thailand Season 1, is a notable queen to be the first plus-size winner of the Drag Race Franchise – an issue that has surrounded its US counterparts where plus-size queens have never won and were consistently fat-shamed on social media.

As part of her winnings, aside from the crown and the historic drag race title, Natalia also won a cash prize of 500,000 baht ($15,920).

Photo from @natalia_nu1rich / Instagram

Posters of the LGBT party list, the Thai Local Power Party, based in Bangkok, Thailand, went viral for their sci-fi themed posters where candidates pose dramatically against a tech-based background of the city skylines. The party that aims to win a seat in Thailand’s congress is led by Siam Rath newspaper owner and business tycoon Chatchawal Kong-udom. /apr

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