Canada Border Services Agency Faces Harassment, Misconduct, And Sexual Assault Allegations

Canada border faces chargesA long line of vehicles in the border of Canada

It has been alarming that the Canada Border Services Agency or CBSA has been accused of multiple allegations by deportees including staff of the CBSA according to CBC News. The report came in Tuesday with the numbers of different claims that have occurred since the year 2016 and has reached more than 500 with neglect of duty being the highest. The allegations included harassment, criminal association, unauthorized disclosure, abuse of authority, conflict of interest and other common contradictions that should not be happening in the agency.

The Canada Border Services Agency or CBSA handles most of the immigration issues, but due to the allegations that seemed to be visible daily, people would most likely decide to withdraw their complaints and concerns. According to Joel Sandaluk, Toronto Immigration Lawyer, the numbers of allegations that were mentioned to CBC might even be higher than that disclosed to the public.

It has been disturbing that the complaints come from people who are foreign to the country and experienced it on-hand. Sandaluk added that these people only see the minor parts of the agency since they just live in the place temporarily. This got him thinking that there is something profound going on in the office.

A complaint by Lucy Granados last year who was said to be deported to Guatemala contained that the officers of the CBSA had done a serious injury on her during the arrest. Granados said that an officer had ‘violently pushed her to the ground’. She also added her situation that day she was kneeling while another was pulling her arm back and was kicking her again. However, the complaint was not officially filed. On a written report from the arresting officers, that day said that Granados did not want to surrender her hand which pushed them to do the necessary force.

Granados was checked by a Montreal-based physician and confirmed the injury she got. Accordingly, she had suffered from a traumatic injury which had caused severe damage on the nerves of her cervical spine and a broken arm.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Dorion, CBSA Spokesperson said in an interview that Granados case did not urge any internal investigation on the officers or the whole agency. He added to his words that any internal or external complaint to the CBSA is under the care and protection of the CBSA.

Although, public or local charges are already being filed separately from immigration complaints. It will be then further reviewed and investigated by the PSPS or the Personnel Security and Professional Standards Division.

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