The Eating Finger Challenge Is The New Trend On Facebook

Eating Finger Challenge is trending on social media

Kids who are eating their fingers went viral!

The newest snack that went viral today is not your mom’s homemade sandwich nor a tasty burger from Sid’s Diner, it’s Tiktok most recent dare, the “eating finger” challenge. To everyone’s confusion, kids who are addicted to this challenge do not literally eat their own fingers; it is just an optical illusion intended to bring amusement to its viewers.

Tiktok users, mostly kids who are eating their fingers to the tune of Kidz Bop version of Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life, is the latest internet challenge. Tiktok is a lip-syncing app which used to be and now becomes a media platform where people cultivate self-expression and creativity. It originates from China and has been downloaded for over 800 million times worldwide. Unlike other apps, it allows you to create a meme and sync it together with music.

Tiktok viral finger eating meme is an optical illusion which spreads across the internet late January, and even until now many people are still accepting the said challenge. While different versions of eating-finger challenge went viral on Twitter, other kids showcased the wackiest and most fun meme while dancing or just sitting in front of the camera through Facebook.

The result gives entertainment to the viewers and can be shared with different social media platforms including Youtube.

So for first timers, this is how you do the eating-finger challenge on Tiktok.

The challenge allows you to choose Tiktok’s mirror filter to achieve the optical illusion effect while filming. So hold your finger with your opposite hand (this looks like a disembodied finger) and slowly bring it to your mouth then take a bite. You can add a little drama to your film like munching your whole finger and make it look like it disappears in your mouth.

However some people find the newest meme to be very creepy, and weirdest of all. Others expressed disgust while watching the videos. But for Vox culture reporter Rebecca Jennings, this challenge is fun and amusing. She also posted on Twitter saying that she can’t stop laughing at teens who pretended to eat their own fingers.

So what do you think about the challenge, is it weird, creepy or fun?

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