Nepal Doubled Its Tiger Population, Making It The First To Accomplish TX2 Goal


Nepal is most probably the first country to accomplish the TX2 goal (to double the tiger population in the world) as it announced that they had reached an almost double number of living tigers within its boundaries.

The Nepalese government said that the number of tigers in Nepal increased to 235 (seven less than their target number) in 2018 from 121 in 2009.

Nepal is one of the 14 countries who participated in the St. Petersburg Summit in 2010 that has set a seemingly ambitious goal of doubling the tiger population in the world at the end of 2022. The goal named as TX2 goal aims to accomplish the rigorous task by international collaboration on ecosystem preservation as well as by guarding the wildlife against poachers.

A national survey in the population of tigers in Nepal was conducted in November 2017 and April 2018 in the broad areas of wildlife ecosystems in Nepal towards its borders in India. The survey showed that the living tigers within their territory are at 235, a 37-increase from the last survey conducted in 2013 where the recorded number of tigers was at 198.

At this population growth rate, Nepal is most likely to be the first country to accomplish its TX2 goal and other countries in the summit should work twice as hard as Nepal to follow through and collectively achieve the 2022 target.

“This significant increase in Nepal’s tiger population is proof that when we work together, we can save the planet’s wildlife – even species facing extinction,” said Leonardo DiCaprio, WWF-US board member and chairman of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which has funded tiger conservation in Nepal’s Bardia National Park and elsewhere since 2010.

“Nepal has been a leader in efforts to double tigers within its borders and serves as a model for conservation for all of Asia and the world. I am proud of my foundation’s partnership with WWF to support Nepal and local communities in doubling the population of wild tigers.”

To this day, Nepal has continued with its efforts to achieve the TX2 goal and double – or exceed – the population of Nepalese Tigers. Good job, Nepal! /apr

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