Nancy Pelosi Won The Internet Today For A Sarcastic Clap At SOTU

Nancy Pelosi sarcastic clap became the meme of the day

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a known critic of President Trump, had made her message clear for the world to hear when she gave the sassiest and probably the most sarcastic clapbacks (literally!) in US history, Tuesday at the State of the Union’s.

Pelosi’s iconic rebuttal to Trump’s insincere call for solidarity and unity made rounds all over the internet and has been a subject of memes.

The House Speaker stood up during Trump’s speech and slow clapped when the president said that “we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution, and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good.” Nancy Pelosi isn’t impressed.

For Americans watching the State of the Union at home, the moment was so brief that some may have missed the iconic clapback. But a New York Times photographer, Doug Mills, captured a photo of Trump appearing to turn back to face Pelosi as she clapped with outstretched arms.

Some broadcasts, however, cut to New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democratic lawmakers staring, without joining their colleagues on both sides standing for a round of applause.

This is not the first time that a clap went viral after the State of the Union. Last year, Donald Trump, applauded himself after he gave his speech; this year someone did it for him.

And of course, the Internet rejoiced

People on social media immediately took the photo and made memes out of it, of course, in the old’ internet tradition.

One Twitter user posted a somewhat sarcastic caption saying that it was a ‘standing ovation.’

Others made a GIF image of it in a transparent background, making it funnier.

Another tweet said that Pelosi’s clap is “the mood.”

Of course, people in Twitter also made a sarcastic caption to give life to the iconic photo. One said that with a single clap, Pelosi was able to tell Trump that she will “dog walk him.”

Someone also told Trump that it’s the applause the he “desperately needs.” And another awarded it as the “best clapback.”

One also sarcastically praised Trump for “standing erect and saying words.”

And there’s a name for it – “f*ck you clap”!


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