Manila Luzon On Shocking Elimination: ‘I’m A Smart B***h!’

"No Bad Blood" Manila Luzon explains her shocking eliminationManila Luzon said she was not expecting her elimination but she was prepared for it. Photo from @manilaluzon / Instagram

Manila Luzon, the recently eliminated queen from the hit reality TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race – All Star 4, finally spoke out regarding the drama that surrounds her shocking elimination, Thursday.

The elimination episode, which was rated in IMDB with a 4.3 score, the lowest in the history of the TV show, gained notoriety after Naomi Smalls eliminated the clear front runner of the competition. This elimination angered the fandom and has since been a topic for discussion among online communities to the extent of circulating offensive memes.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but I was prepared.” Manila Luzon, said. “I’m a smart bitch.”

The elimination process of the spin-off of the reality TV show, RPDR, where the winning queen would have the power to eliminate one of the bottom two every episode has been very controversial and fans and queens alike have called for a change in rules.

The previous two seasons of All-Stars, where the rule was implemented also, have a fair share of crown-theft (as fans call it being ‘robbed’). It was a shock when Detox eliminated in AS2 the fan-favorite, Alyssa Edwards to save her friend, Roxxxy Andrews, who has been in the bottom for the last few weeks prior to the episode.

The fandom also lost its grips when the eliminated queen was given to power to choose who to place in the top 2 of AS3, and they decided for Kennedy Davenport and Trixie Matell to be in the top 2 over front-runner, Shangela.

Manila thought she had Naomi’s heart.

During the elimination deliberation with Naomi and Monet Xchange, Manila said that she doesn’t need to plead her case and she will just let her track record do the talking.

“I don’t feel like I could have said, ‘Oh, I’ve been good at this challenge, I’ve been excelling.’ Because at that point, I was already a threat,” she said. “To tell people I deserve to be here is just kind of throwing salt in the wound, because up until that point, Naomi was just kind of safe.”

Manila have thought that she had an advantage over Naomi and was a little complacent. The two have worked in the “Jersey Justice” challenge, where the two shared moments and Naomi telling Manila how she grew up watching the Filipino queen. “She swore I was her Lady Bunny,” Luzon added, referencing the legendary drag queen recently featured in the “Roast in Peace” episode.

Nonetheless, it seems like there is no bad blood between the two queens after the elimination. Manila even had Naomi Smalls in her newest music video “Go Fish,” an Alice in Wonderland themed video where Smalls played as the deranged Queen of Hearts and Manila Playing the Queen of Clubs – showing how both can make money out of the drag race drama. Manila interestingly released the music video on the day of her elimination. Smells fishy? /apr

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