Google’s Super Bowl Ad 2019 Will Touch Your Heart

Google Super Bowl AdGoogle's Heartwarming 2019 Super Bowl Ad

This year’s Google’s first Superbowl commercial theme focused on two subjects.

The first theme Google showed was their very own Google Translate. It has been giving people a helping hand around the world who have widely used Google translate. It has been a great help and a big part of our lives as it helps us better communicate with different people, in every nation.

Google has reported that users are processing 1 billion words each day. With this significant amount of people using Google translate, it only shows how amazing it works for us in our everyday lives.

Google translate helps us in so many ways. Like communicating with our friends from different countries, sharing our stories and lifestyles through social media, guide us in landing a job, and even meeting strangers which most of the times turn into friends or boss!

With all kinds of languages offered by Google translate, you can never go wrong in choosing it. Google company has mainly selected this app because, in every word translated in Google translate, there is a significant meaning into it, even if the language came from a country that is full of hate. In Google translate, the language barrier is not entertained.

This particular theme of Google’s commercial was carefully chosen and made by their in-house Google Creative Labs and was media supported by the PHD and Essence.

The second commercial showed by Google has highlighted the job search for veterans. Because of this great action by Google, veterans and other U.S. service members can now look for a job by entering their military occupational specialty codes. In this way, it will be more comfortable and useful for veterans and U.S service members to find the right job for them. Veterans and service members can merely type “jobs for veterans” in Google search and provide their military job codes like MOS, AFSC, NEC.

This action made by Google is part of their Grow with Google initiative. Their advocacy for this program is for America to learn more about digital skills surfacing job opportunities in light of increasing industrialization.

For the information of everyone, Google made a huge move to give importance to the people who are seeking for a job. In 2017, they pledged a $1 billion to the initiative that will include teaming up with some local libraries for them to hold workshops for job seekers and even people who own a small business.

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