Youtube Star Austin Jones Pleaded Guilty Of Child Pornography

Austin Jones Guilty For Child PornographyIn his video entitled "Setting The Record Straight," Austin Jones denied all allegations.

Trending on FacebookYoutube sensation Austin Jones has pleaded guilty to a production of child pornography on Monday.

According to his lawyer, the Youtube star was charged of one count of felony child pornography using Facebook Messenger and Apple‘s iMessage services to collect videos from teenage girls between the ages of 14 and 15, exposing their genitals and other sensitive body parts.

He attended a court proceedings in Illinois federal court last Friday which he signed a 27-page agreement including a guilty plea of “coercing six underage female fans to send him sexually explicit videos and trying to do the same persuasion to 30 other victims” According to the Chicago Tribune, this happened around 2010 until 2017 where Jones encouraged these girls to send him nude images in exchange of modeling opportunities. And in some cases, the victims need to prove that they are ‘his fans’ through sending out more sexually-stimulating and vulgar videos.  

In 2016, Jones allegedly demanded a 14-year old girl in a Facebook chat to remove her underwear and that she was so lucky to have his attention focused on her, the court record shows. Another girl also performed explicit dances in favor of Jone’s sexual pleasure but did not finish it, which made it evident that these underaged females are hesitant on doing.

In 2017, Jones was arrested for two counts of child pornography in Chicago, when a girl claimed that she was being forced to expose herself even though she’s only 14. Another sent eight videos containing her genitals. His attorney defended the youtube star saying that his client was a victim of sexual abuse by a close relative and that it had caused him to misbehave. He is now dealing with his traumas through a proper treatment, so he would better understand the root cause of his negative behaviors, his lawyer added.

In less than two weeks after his arrest, Jones posted a Youtube video entitled ‘Setting the Record Straight’ which he corrected false accusations and formally denied any allegations against him.

Austin Jefferson Jones, 26, is known for his alternative pop and emo covers of some of the famous songs such as “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. He had accumulated around 543,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 40 million video views. As of Monday, his channel containing his videos are still on the site, but Youtube has not uploaded videos of him since 2017.

Youtube confirmed that its management has no longer earning revenues from Jone’s channel. A statement from its spokesperson said that it is their utmost responsibility to take actions on serious allegations such as this which may include terminating business relationships or suspending monetization.

The Youtube star will be scheduled for a sentence on May 3 and will face five to 20 years in prison.

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