RPDR UK Is Happening And Ru And Michelle Visage Will Judge

RPDR UK Is Happening And Ru And Michelle Visage Will JudgeRuPaul will host and Michelle Visage will judge UK's RPDR. Photo from @michellevisage / Instagram

[CONFIRMED] Michelle Visage has been confirmed to be one of the regular judges of RuPaul’s Drag Race in the UK, with RuPaul being the chief judge and show host.

The television star and RPDR super judge has been judging for eight seasons of drag race and has since become one of the iconic figures in the show.

She has been a notorious judge for her no-holds-bar comments and critiques to the competitors of the hit reality TV show and has also been a subject of different challenges inspired by her the Michelle Visage’s Roast, for example.

Visage has had a massive impact in the gay community and the drag scene as she is looked up to as a mother-figure by most drag queens that have been on the show.

This time, she will bring her piercing looks, big boobs, and tender-loving-care to London as she judges alongside with RuPaul.

The UK’s edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race has been confirmed late last year where Mama Ru would crown the next UK’s Next Drag Superstar after a season-long of maxi challenges, readings, and heavy tea.


“We’ve been working tirelessly to bring the magic of RuPaul’s Drag Race to my favorite city in the world: London,” Michelle Visage said in an interview with BBC.

“I know the UK has a wealth of talent to offer and I’m thrilled beyond belief to see these queens battle it out on the main stage, UK-style! GOD SAVE THE QUEENS!” she added.

The growing fandom of the hit reality TV show has taken America by storm and with it the world. The UK’s version of RPDR will be the second global version of the show after Thailand has produced their own.

The drag race phenomenon has grown more significantly since it started in 2009 with only seven competing queens. Now after ten successful seasons and four spin-offs (All-Stars), the show is set to dominate the world as it plans to expand in different countries and the UK is just one of the firsts.

The show has produced successful celebrity drag queens like Trixie Matell, Katya Zamolodchikova, Alaska, Willam, Violet Chachki, and Bianca del Rio. /apr

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