RPDR: AS4 Queens Called Out A Circulating Meme As Disrespectful And Offensive

RPDR: AS4 Queens Called Out A Circulating Meme As Disrespectful And OffensiveTrinity the Tuck together with her castmate Monet XChange calls out an offensive meme. Photo from @rupaulsdragrace / Instagram

A meme that has been circulating the internet for the last three days has been a subject of a discussion in the drag world right now when Trinity the Tuck and Monet Xchange – cast members of the hit reality TV show for drag queens, RuPaul’S Drag Race All Stars – Season 4 – called out those who are proliferating the meme online to stop because it was ‘offensive’.

The two remaining queens in the latest season of RPDR AS4 took to Twitter to reach out to their fans to stop sharing the said meme and to report it once they see it.

The controversial meme shows the remaining five queens in AS4, four of which are African-Americans standing behind Trinity the Tuck, with their faces photoshopped on a famous meme photo screenshot from a pornographic movie.

Monet Xchange doesn’t feel good about the offensive meme. Photo from @rupaulsdragrace / Instagram

Monet Xchange tweeted her alarm regarding the current meme by tweeting that “it didn’t make her feel good” and said that she posted the meme to “show how rancid and vile the fandom can be. The amount of dirty-disgusting black niggers I’ve been called since I’ve been on drag race?…exceeded my expectations”.

Trinity the Tuck also posted a tweet to call out the meme. “There’s a photoshopped image going around involving me and my AS4 cast mates that I find offensive and disrespectful! Please do not share this and if possible report the image! Thank you.” the drag queen wrote to ask her fans to report the photo.

Although the meme showed all five remaining AS4 queens including Monique Heart, Latrice Royale, and Naomi Smalls, the three has not yet responded to the issue as of writing.

The controversial meme has surfaced the internet a few days after the unexpected elimination of Manila Luzon that angered the drag world to the extent of sending Naomi Small; the queen who gave Manila the chop, death threats. (READ: Lost for the third time – Manila Luzon eliminated fron drag race, again)

Drag race alums supported their sisters.

Other drag queens and RPDR alumni have immediately responded to the issue by showing their support to their fellow queens.

Pandora Box, who appeared in Season 3, showed her support by replying to Monet Xchange tweet saying that she can “never grasp the concept of spewing such vile things over a TV show.”

“I’m sorry you have to deal with that type of next level ignorance and racism. The only “good” thing to come out of this presidency is that it’s brought these fools into the open so we know who they are.” Pandora wrote in reply to Monet Xchange’s tweet.

Another controversial queen, Eureka, also showed support saying that she’s “sorry that anyone has to deal with anything like that.” /apr

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  1. This presidency? Who exactly does Pandora think is watching Drag Race?

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