RPDR: Angry Fans Sent Death Threats To Naomi Smalls

Naomi Smalls receiving death wishes after shocking eliminationNaomi Smalls received death threats from angry fans over Manila Luzon's elimination. Photo from @naomismalls / Instagram

[UPDATE] Naomi Smalls is bullied, and it has come so far. We reported two days ago that Naomi Smalls, the RPDR AS4 queen who eliminated the fan-favorite Manila Luzon, was bullied by the passionate and extra drag race fans. But now, the bullying was taken to another level when fans started to send Naomi with death threats! Yes, someone is threatening to kill Naomi because of a TV show! (READ: RPDR: Naomi Smalls Received Backlash from Viewers and Previous Queens after Manila Luzon’s Elimination)

It can be recalled that Naomi Smalls, a rather middle-of-the-road contestant in the fourth season of RPDRAll-Stars, eliminated the fan-favorite Manila Luzon after the top-performing queen landed on the bottom during the My Best Judy challenge where the queens have to make over their ‘best Judies.’ This is the third time that Manila lost the drag race. (READ: Lost for the third time – Manila Luzon eliminated from drag race, again)

Memes are everywhere

Fans didn’t take it when Manila Luzon went home and lashed out on the poor Naomi Small, who herself claimed to be a big Manila fan.

Memes circulated online attacking Naomi and the production of RuPaul’s drag race. Some are funny; some are dead serious.


One Twitter user suggested that next week, Naomi might send RuPaul home. Another posted a statement the leg-endary queen said during one of her confessionals with a sarcastic “Okay werq sis” caption.

But that’s not the end of that.

Although Naomi, herself, has not confirmed if a death threat was indeed sent to her, a fan on Twitter posted today a call for RuPaul, the host of the show, and Michelle Visage, a judge, to call out the toxic fandom and ask them to stop sending Naomi Smalls with hate messages and death threats.


Drag race fandom is TOXIC

This is not the first time that the toxic fandom has bullied queens from the show. There were multiple occasions where queens from RPDR were attacked by preying fans.

This behavior usually culminates in a heated Twitter drama that other fans are also enjoying.

The highlight queen, Farrah Moan, and Nina Bonina Brown together with their sisters in Season 9 were bullied after the OG Fan-Favorite, Valentina, was eliminated in the show. This drama got so intense that the queens called out Valentina during the Reunion episode of the season for not taming her fans.

Big queens like Eureka and Darienne Lake were also thrown shade online for being fat and black queens like Peppermint and Bob the Drag Queen were subjected to racial slurs by the toxic fandom. /apr

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