Netflix Originals’ New Logo Animation Showing A Spectrum Of Colors


Netflix has a new look and it is changing up what viewers see before the opening of its original shows.

Netflix has revamped its old logo animation that will play before its Originals programming— and the new look is an exploding rainbow of colors.

Netflix posted a preview of the animation on Twitter with the following announcement:

“SOME PERSONAL NEWS: Starting today there’s a new logo animation before our originals. It shows the spectrum of stories, languages, fans, & creators that make Netflix beautiful — now on a velvety background to better set the mood.”

Netflix’s new look is a much more dynamic visually. The new animation begins with the familiar “N” ribbon animation, but then it warps the viewer through a spectrum of colored vertical light beams and transforms into a cascade of colored bars that shoot toward the viewer. In designer lingo, the animation is called an “ident”. Despite the new animation features, the same trademark Netflix sound will be played when subscribers start an original TV show or movie.

The streaming platform explained in a blog post that the exploding-N animation is, “inspired by the spectrum of stories, emotions, languages, fans and creators that collectively make up who we are as a brand”. The updated design also is supposed to reflect the diversity of Netflix’s global audience, with the service now spanning over 190 countries.

In addition, Netflix also pointed out that the enhanced animated logo features a darker background, compared with the former red-on-white treatment. It is designed to get viewers be in the mood for an immersive, cinematic experience at home, on the subway or wherever they are choosing to watch.  A spokesperson for Netflix told the Fast Company that the “barcode visualisation” was meant to give originals a more cinematic feel and was inspired by “the idea of turning Netflix’s own show thumbnails sideways, like records on a shelf.”

Netflix has already begun attaching the animation to its new originals. Within the next few months, animated logo will be retroactively added to the originals already on Netflix.

The biggest streaming platform company is hoping its new logo animation will help set its original programming apart for viewers, as it braces for the upcoming debut of a number of competitive streaming services like Disney, AT&T, and Apple. All of which want to gain viewers with a slate of original content.

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