Veganuary 2019 Has Influenced 250,000 In The World

Veganuary 2019 reached millions of people around the worldA record breaking of 250,000 people after pledging to be vegan all the way.

Veganuary started its launch in the year 2014 and had reached millions of people in the world for a month-long pledge of going vegan every January. This year has been record-breaking having 250,000 people participate in the promise. Accordingly, numbers of people who attended might be even higher since there are others who joined the pledge but did not sign up in its official Veganuary page.

For 5 years, this year has got to be a fresher start for those who would want to go vegan all the way! It is an excellent way to train your bodies to say goodbye to meat. In some surveys, people who started the Veganuary pledge told that they will go vegan even after the month of January and might go vegan for the rest of their existence!

The pledge originated in the UK and has now reached many parts of the world. And this has been great news for people who would want to change lifestyle and eat light this year. Deciding to go vegan is not an easy pledge to oneself but it is a very challenging task. Aside from being renewed from all the food taken during the Christmas season, our animals are also happy to know that there is something great going on in the planet.

Veganuary 2019

Meanwhile, business owners are also benefiting from the pledge since they are able to introduce new food on the menu that are plant-based and cruelty-free. This is another venture for people who are more interested in growing than having meat on their plates. A great example is who supported the Veganuary pledge is Pizza Hut releasing their limited edition Cheesy Vegan Jackfruit Pizza. The pizza house promised to keep and add more vegan pizza if they reach 10,000 of their vegan pizza in sales.

According to the food chain, they reached beyond their expected sales. While Veganuary had been accepted as a worldwide challenge in social media, it has also created impact and awareness to the people who had participated. Some say that it is the best excuse to stop eating meat and go pure vegan for a month or longer, and others had just become more interested in the fact that they actually could go vegan forever.

People around social media had been sharing their thoughts and tips on Veganuary and have been helpful for others who had just discovered the pledge. If you are one of those who had not heard about it, it’s never too late to help our planet! You can start from heaving less meat on your meals until you can finally go vegan all the way!

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