Trump Supporter Interrupts Drag Queen Story Hour At Houston Library

Trump supporter, James Greene Sr. attempted to enter the Houston Public Library’s Freed-Montrose location interrupting the Drag Story HourJames Green Sr., the Trump supporter who pestered everyone at the Drag Queen Story Hour in Houston Public Library’s Freed-Montrose. Photo By: @CaelanConrad/Twitter

Trump supporter, James Greene Sr. attempted to enter the Houston Public Library’s Freed-Montrose location. He tried to disrupt the Drag Queen Story Hour only to embarrass himself.

The middle-aged protester has previously been banned from entering the public library after taking videos of children from the same event a month ago.

Video recorded by Greene himself shows how he was pestering the police officers on why he was asked to leave the location. A library employee showed him a trespass warning but Greene continued to question the authorities.

According to Greene’s interview with, he said “he was not associated with the protesters outside the library and was instead only in the library to “observe and report” on the story time as a member of the media. “

On his personal Facebook, Greene has uploaded a two-hour long video defending himself that he was “arrested for being a white Christian”. He has also added how the police were violating his “amendment rights”.

Ryan Barrett, who was portraying the drag queen Regina Blake-DuBois mentioned that he has previously noticed the flock of protesters outside the library. He was also thankful for the steps the library staff undertook to make sure the event would still run safely and that the children wouldn’t feel fear over the happenings.

“Seeing that and knowing the procedures they had in place to keep us safe, it actually helped me calm down and breathe a little bit,” Barrett said. “I knew as long as I was comfortable and showing that I was comfortable, the kids wouldn’t think there’s something wrong. I think if they came in and were like ‘oh gosh, she’s talking really fast, she’s really nervous,’ that would have made it worse for them.”

Despite the incident, the drag queen is now more determined in doing more and promoting this important work.

“That’s what drag is about, period,” Barrett said. “It’s helping people forget about what’s going on outside of whatever is happening [at] the moment, whether it’s drag queen story time or a drag show. We’re there to kind of life peoples’ spirits and no spread the negativity that’s floating around outside. And God knows there’s plenty of it.”

The next Drag Queen Story Hour will be on the 23rd of February. Houston police says they will be present on this event and continue to protect its participants.

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