MMA Fighter, Cedrick Joseph ‘Spider-Man’ Marks, Escaped From Prison – Captured After Nine Hours Of Manhunt

Cedrick Joseph Marks Captured

Former Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Cedrick Joseph Marks, escaped from a prisoner vehicle van in transport to Texas on Sunday, February 3, police reported.

Mr. Marks also known as ‘Spider Man‘ on stage has been charged for two separate cases of murders in early January this year. Police authority said that the former MMA fighter was being extradited to Bell County Texas after U.S Marshals caught him for burglary on his former girlfriend’s home in August 2018 at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to Lt. Dorcy McGinnis of the Conroe Police Department, they received a call at around 7:20 a.m on Sunday from Texas Prisoner Transport Services who informed them that Marks escaped on foot after the transport van had stopped to buy food for the prisoners at a McDonald‘s restaurant, 801 North Loop 336 West Conroe. Authorities also added that Marks as a well-trained MMA fighter is ‘extremely dangerous’ and advised people who live near the incident to stay indoors while the search operation is ongoing.

After almost nine hours of the manhunt, Marks was found inside a trash can at the neighborhood’s backyard. At the press conference held after the search effort, law enforcement indicated that surveillance video gave them tips to look on the neighborhood and on the east side of McDonald‘s where he escaped from. A resident came home and asked the team to search his premises for the second time. The team along with a K9 found Marks in a trash can and seemed to be very tired from crouching all day.

Marks, 44, had warrants for the murders of two people; Michael Swearingin, 32, and Jenna Scott, 28, Mark’s ex-girlfriend who went missing in January 4. Their bodies were found in Clarkview, Oklahoma 11 days later.

Jeff Christy, the Conroe Police Chief explained that Marks had restraints on his leg, hand and belly which were attached together. ‘It is unknown at this time how many of those were connected when he escaped or how he was able to remove any of those,’ Christy added.

Currently, he is being held as prisoner in Montgomery County for interrogation and will be staying on the jail until a safe transportation will bring him back to Bell County. Other prisoners who were with Marks on the day he escaped will also be up for questioning to further determine how the former MMA fighter managed to get away with all the restraints he had on.

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