20-Year-Old Mexican Disturbs The Internet With Viral Photo Of A Dead Dog He Nailed On A Cross

The viral photo of Aaron Pino crucify a dogThe photo inside this post may be sensitive to some viewers. Aaron Pino's viral photo showing a dog crucified on a cross.

Dogs are man’s best friend as we know it. They are companions of many owners and are sometimes even labeled them as their “children.” We’ve heard news about dogs helping out their masters or heartbreaking stories of sparing their lives for their human friends.

This week, a sad story for humanity has gone viral. In Tecate, Baja California, Mexico a 20-year-old guy named Aaron Pino went on the headlines all over social media. He had his fame for destroying and torturing an innocent dog, accordingly.

Aaron Pino crucifying dead dog
Aaron Pino showing the dog he tortured by hanging in the cross.

The photo he posted on social media has shown the dog he had hung on a wooden cross as if he was crucifying the poor little dog. The post went viral on the internet instantly, and many people across the world shown their anger and pity towards the action that Pino had made.

Due to public demand, Pino then agreed for an interview at their local radio station in town to clarify and defend himself. After which he posted a message “clarifying” the story behind the photo he posted that went viral and caused rage among people on the internet.

He explained that the dog was already dead before he nailed it on the wooden cross that he made. He also added that it was just a joke and it was just for fun. He even said that people are now pretending to be some animal protectors after seeing the photo on social media.

Without any doubt, Pino still did not make a public apology regarding his actions, and he was never put to punishment by the authorities for what had happened. This is what made people more furious about him.

Today, there has been a petition on going to strengthen Mexican law on animal protection, and people involved in such crimes should not go unpunished. The petition stated that these culprits should be put behind bars. Moreover, the request done online has already reached about 61.54% and hopefully would reach a hundred percent not less than 24 hours.

This is just a straightforward cruelty act from people who do not care about animal’s rights. The internet is just a tiny platform for all other animals who are suffering right now and are not being protected by existing laws. There should be an immediate response to action issues like this for the sake of our voiceless friends.

The petition made is open to anyone around the globe who would want to take part. Here’s the link: https://www.yousign.org/Teenager-that-destroyed-dog-for-fun-gets-no-punishment-act-now-t-4250

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