What To Prepare On And Before Chinese New Year: Food, Gifts, And Clothing To Bring Good Luck

Chinese New Year 2019 How To PrepareHow to prepare this coming Lunar New Year and attract good fortune. Photo By: Akuppa John Wigham/Flickr

Luck comes in many forms. Many believe that we can attract luck through fortune cookies, lucky charms people wear as body adornments, figures and statues who are thought to bring positive energy down to the color of our clothes.

The famous luck believers are the Chinese, and this year’s lunar New Year will be on February 5 initiating the year of the pig. Unlike other customs, Chinese celebrated the coming of the year based on the traditional Chinese calendar. It is one of the world’s most celebrated festivals and thought to be associated with myths and several beliefs. For most Chinese, the highlight of the festival is to honour deities as well as to usher good luck, wealth and longevity to every homes.

Chinese have several preparations for the lunar New Year. This may sound too much but starting the year on the right foot is crucial.

To some, attracting men is hard, but drawing luck is way harder. So whether you are part of the Chinese community or not, if you’re someone who believes on luck and may want to have a blissful year ahead of you, here are the five things you need to consider:

#1 FOOD is the heart of every celebration. In anticipation for the said New Year, you can visit groceries for festival dinners and regular meals. So what is the best food to prepare? Chinese believe that dumplings are a must since it is good for prosperity. Do not forget to also serve spring rolls on the table as well as sticky rice cakes during the New Year. They are known to offer good luck throughout the year.

#2 CLOTHING – Chinese New Year is also a time to look your best. Even though it is not necessary to buy new clothes, you can always wear the same clothes you are wearing during regular days. However, Chinese purchase new wardrobes for the festival and on visitation to temples. White and black clothing are a big NO during the New Year, and red is always the colour of choice and a must to every celebration. It is often associated with good fortune and happiness. Though, this may seem weird but don’t forget to buy red underwear and a red bracelet for those who can’t wear red overall outfits.

#3 GIFTS – small gifts and tokens are exchanged during Chinese New Year as a sign of love and appreciation. Luck comes your way when you know how to appreciate people and even small things around you. Candies, small cakes, trinkets and candles are good presents. For non-Chinese, you can hang envelopes or ‘Ang Pao’ with money or sweets placed inside it on your windows and to every corner of your house or establishment. This will put away evils and negative energy. Avoid gifts that are considered unlucky such as umbrella, and or white flowers like chrysanthemums for these are for funerals alone.

#4 DECORATIONS – Houses are adorned with red lanterns, red couplets, paper cutouts and New Year’s paintings. But this is practiced and applicable to the Chinese tradition. However, you can go to the market and buy flowers for these freshen up homes and spark romance. If you think that your relationship is failing, you will need a lot of flowers. Peach and plum blossoms are very positive choices. And for those who seek fertility and abundance, you can choose a wide variety of orchids.

#5 CLEANING – clean your house, establishment, office, and even your rooms, days before the actual New Year. Don’t sweep your house or rooms on and after New Year for doing so is believed to sweep away luck. Sweeping and cleaning ward off evil spirits that roam around and for optimal feng shui. So it’s time to clean out all those drawers, dead plants, and all mess should be thrown out to make room for better things that are sure to come.

The whole point of preparing for Chinese New Year goes beyond the feast, decorations, food, clothing and how to attract luck- it will always be about family reunions, new beginnings, renewed relationships and another chance to live life.

Regardless of old traditions and a handful of superstitions, luck and good fortune always depend on the person’s will and determination. These tips are just an idea and possible measures to increase the odds that good fortune will be received this year. After all, luck will always come to those who work hard.

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