RPDR: Naomi Small Received Backlash From Viewers And Previous Queens After Manila Luzon’s Elimination


UPDATE – Naomi Smalls and the rest of the production of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 4 received tremendous backlash after Manila Luzon, a clear front-runner, and fan-favorite, got eliminated from the show on the episode that aired January 31st.

The drag world expressed their disappointment in the unforeseen elimination of Manila Luzon after she got eliminated by her fellow drag queen, Naomi Smalls, during the make-over episode of the said show. (READ: Lost for the Third Time – Manila Luzon Eliminated from Drag Race, Again)

The very passionate fandom took to social media their anger over Manila’s elimination and had since been sending Naomi Smalls messages of hate. The fandom further made their message clear when the IMDB rating of the eighth episode of the show got the lowest rating of 4.3 – the lowest IMDB rating in the show’s her story.

Some queens also expressed their emotions on this shocking tea in their social media accounts including Alaska, the winner of RPDR – AS2 who posted a tweet saying ” Ugh. Jesus. Gross.” referring to the decision of Naomi to eliminate Manila.

Stacy Layne Matthews, another RPDR queen who has had a cameo performance in the show earlier this season, said that the elimination is full of bullsh*t.

Another queen, Derrick Barry, tweeted a nod to Manila saying “I was going to Club Hive tonight, but it was closed. I heard one of the owners was robbed.”

However, Kim Chi, who Naomi Smalls are best friends with in real life, defended the leg-endary queen from all the hate she’s getting from the drag race world. Kim Chi called out fans who attacked Naomi and asks them to stop the hate they are sending the queen.

Meanwhile, Farrah Moan, another queen from AS4 had a different take on the issue. She said that “I’m ready for a new all-stars format lol girls eliminating each other is so tired,” which Aja, who appeared in Season 9 and AS3, agreed on saying that the show is giving the queens the blame when the show can make professional decisions instead of the girls. /apr

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