Amazon To Partner With NYC Colleges For A Cloud Computing Certificate Program Initiative

Amazon Partnered With NYC SchoolsAmazon partnered with NYC schools to open a cloud-computing certificate program for NYC students to be expected in fall of 2019. Photo by Jordan Stead / Amazon

Amazon announced its upcoming partnership with LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC), the City University of New York (CUNY), and the State University of New York (SUNY) to establish a cloud-computing certificate program. The initiative aims to equip tech students in the region with cloud–computing skills that will help them land a job in Amazon or other tech companies.

The e-commerce pioneer’s partnership with LAGCC, CUNY, and SUNY is part of the company’s campaign to broaden their workforce development and training initiatives for the locals across the New York region. This tech-education initiative is expected to be available in fall of 2019 to tens of thousands of residents of the said colleges and universities.

LinkedIn, for the last four years, have highlighted that cloud-computing and distributed computing is the #1 in-demand global skill offering skillful individuals with one of the highest paying IT careers.

“There is such rich talent in New York, and we want to ensure we’re reaching New Yorkers from diverse backgrounds, as we hire for 25,000 jobs across the region. We see this collaboration with LAGCC, CUNY, and SUNY as ensuring that more students have the opportunity to join companies like Amazon as we seek out more tech talent.” , said Ardine Williams, VP of Workforce Development at Amazon.

According to LaGuardia Community College President, Gail O. Mellow, LAGCC is one of the most significant employment pipeline of Amazon due to its diversity that has prepared their students for community-based tech development. “We are interested in collaborating with AWS, and any tech company, that recognizes the inherent business, cultural and technical skills that students from our community bring to the workplace.”

As part of the collaboration between AWS and the said colleges and university, the cloud computing certificate program will also include a partnership with at least one high school from New York City to offer concurrent enrollment in the 15-credit certificate program and other support. The AWS also would provide its partner schools with professional development opportunities, such as curriculum development workshops and AWS training. All students who graduate from the program will also receive membership in the AWS Educate program, which provides opportunities to gain hands-on experience with leading cloud technology and tools at no cost to the student. /apr

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