Ski Racing Champion, Lindsey Vonn Announced Retirement After Multiple Injuries

Lindsay Vonn retires skiing after suffering multiple injuriesLindsay Vonn announced retirement after suffering multiple injuries. Photo By: Guian Bolisay/Flickr

Lindsey Vonn, an American alpine World Cup champion on ski racing announced on Friday that she only has two races remaining before her retirement.

The 34-year-old ski racer will compete for two more races on the World Championships in Sweden before she could finally say goodbye to her beloved sport. Vonn already had plans of retiring this December but changed her mind due to a persistent pain she felt in both of her knees. After failed attempts to finish her race in Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy last month, she finally concluded that she couldn’t continue to ski anymore.

Lindsay Vonn Photo By: Jon Wick

On her Twitter account, Vonn expressed her body is broken beyond repair and ending her ski journey has been the hardest decision she ever made in her entire life. Her two remaining races will be at the World Championships in Downhill and SG (Super-G) next week in Are, Sweden and will also be shown worldwide.

Vonn suffered fractures especially on her right knees, and a large portion of her cartilage was removed due to her painful crash in Lake Louise last year. Then in November 2018, another accident happened when she fell in Copper Mountain in Colorado, which resulted in fractures near her left knee, a broken ankle, sliced thumb plus a concussion and more. She is limited to only three runs a day, and her body can’t do the necessary turns to complete the ski routine despite extensive therapies for her body and strict training.

With 82 World Cup wins, 20 World Cup Globe titles, three Olympic medals, and seven World Championship medals, Vonn already made a history which no other woman has ever done in the field of ski racing. Although initially, her goal is to match the overall record of Swedish Ingemar Stenmark which is 86, Vonn is now the most successful American Ski racer surpassing Annemarie Moser-Proll of Austria who held the record since 1970.

Lindsay Vonn and Julia Mancuso

Despite all the trauma for crashing several times and weeks full of distress, Vonn manages to give word of encouragement to future young ski racers. She is also thankful for the support she received from her family and fans all over the world. And for Vonn, with broken knees and body, no one will stop her in her final races.

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