Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency

How one can earn cryptoWe discuss the simple ways, yet the most effective strategies to earn cryptocurrencies. Photo By: Zach Copley/Flickr.com

Cryptocurrency is one of the growing medium for exchange in most countries as it offers a more convenient and safer way of financial communication. It deals with making money online and ideas on how to earn more through blockchains and cryptocurrency. While other countries are considering to switch to cryptocurrency, many people are doing their research on how to get involved with it. There are many ways and chances to earn these coins, and here’s what people are talking about online.

Crypto Blogging
How Crypto Blogging works Photo By: Simple FX

First is through platforms for Crypto blogging. There are several platforms where people can earn coins for their accounts such as Steemit and Medium. These allow people to write articles with no fees. They deserve through the “claps” or upvotes and turn it intosatoshis. These upvotes and claps that the writer gets from their blogs will then be equivalent to a cryptocurrency amount. So the more claps, the more coins they earn. For people who are into writing and blogging, this is the time to make money out of it!

Another way to collect money for your wallet is through microtasks or also referred to as bounties. These are small monetary rewards after completing small tasks. Collecting rewards, little by little, will pile up in your online wallets. Moreover, these bounties are also possible through freelancing — from writing articles, retweets, and some referrals depending on the companies offering these microtasks. These are just some easy ways for people to earn coins for their online wallets and has opened a new path for those who are interested.

Collecting Cryptocurrencies
Collecting Cryptocurrencies Photo By: Crypto360

Freelancing can also be another way to do it. There are a lot of jobs that freelancers can do like photography, vlogging, video-editing, etc. and there are companies out there that are willing to pay through cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, if you own a company or a small business, another option to earn and collect is to accept crypto as payments. This will allow you to recognize different kinds of coins and give you a choice whether to use it, sell it, or keep it. Shopify and WordPress are platforms that allow accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.

Switching to cryptocurrency is an investment that we can make for the future. This might be a better way of exchange and will soon be adopted by many countries around the world. It will be best for web or online payments made.

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