OPPO: Leading Global Smartphone Brand To Launch Its R17 Series In Saudi Arabia

OPPO will launch the R17 series in Saudi Arabia

OPPO Electronics Corp. also was known as OPPO is now expanding in Saudi Arabia bringing their products and latest mobile phones. OPPO is a Chinese-owned company based in Guangdong, China that was founded in the year 2004. In 2016, the Chinese smartphone maker was the top smartphone manufacturer brand in China and was ranked eighth as the world’s best smartphone provider.

OPPO will be launching their first Android phone, the R17 series, along with other models like the hero smartphone and the R series in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. These phones from OPPO were deemed as significant competitors in the industry, going head to head with top brands such as Samsung. Most of their phones are proven and tested in Asia with millions of consumers and positive reviews. The launch of their new series in Saudi Arabia will be new opportunities for the China-based company regarding local operations and other retail partnerships.

OPPO R17 Photo By: OPPO Malaysia/@OPPOMalaysia

Saudi Arabia has been known to be the center of new opportunities in the Middle East. And, this move from OPPO is just the start of something bigger that is going to happen in the future. Based on reviews, the R17 series is a very fashionable and a more innovated model from OPPO. The device allows ultra-night mode better than other ordinary android phones out there. The R17 is one of the latest smartphones that comes with an exposure stabilization technique. It also has a broader range for night shots and a noise cancellation feature.

Its software and hardware has also been updated to AI Ultra-Clear Engine for enhancing images that give a pixel-level color restoration. The R17 series can be used for great mobile photography which already uses a triple-rear camera setup for RAW HDR and AI scenes.

Aside from its camera features it also has VOOC flash charging which can charge fully and safer even in a short period. Loading time and batteries have always been a problem for most android phones, but this model from OPPO makes sure that there will be no battery issues on the R17 series.

The R17 series also features gradient colors for the industrial design. It has invented a three-color and quad-direction gradient design that allows light to smoothly flow on its surface giving an original and fresh color aesthetic. It also has a highly innovated fingerprint feature using the Corning Gorilla Glass 6 which is a first on all of its models with a hidden fingerprint unlock.

Accordingly, OPPO will be launching in Saudi Arabia with two color variants. For the OPPO R17, it comes with Nero Purple and Ambient Clue while the OPPO R17 Pro comes at Radiant Mist and Emerald Green variants.

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