Parts Of The US Experiences Deep-Freezing And Brutal Weather

Extremely Cold Weather Experienced in some parts of the US

Lately, parts of the United States experience freezing (not regular) weather. The most affected areas are Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Montana, Nebraska and some parts of Kansas. Reports say that these states have been experiencing deteriorating conditions and these residents who are already cold-tested each year have already been complaining about the weather conditions in their area. The coldness was described as deep-freezing and brutal. The temperature could be unbearable if this continues to go colder.

As temperature lowers in these areas it can be ‘very dangerous’ as stated by the National Weather Service office since wind chill values have already been below -50 and could lead to frostbite on the skin when exposed even for only as quick as five minutes outside. It is best to stay home and warm until the weather gets better.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the US Postal Service has already declared that they won’t be delivering any emails as of this moment to any of the affected areas. The statement was released on their Facebook page if ever you missed it. Work will also be suspended for now to keep everyone safe because of the weather.

In Minnesota, weather and temperature are already 70 degrees below and have already been experiencing extreme wind chills. The weather already caused 3 deaths in the state, just this week hoping that there will be no more in the coming days.

In social media, people have been sharing videos and photos of their current situation some showing that there is only limited visibility in their open areas warning others to keep safe or stay inside. There are also around 2,700 flights that have also been canceled due to weather conditions in the US airports last Tuesday and Wednesday and 1,550 flights at Chicago airports according to reports. It has also been predicted that by Thursday morning Chicago may reach low temperature going down to 27 below zero.

Moreover, the cold winds have already urged businesses and workplaces to close, for now, leaving only gas stations and some groceries open for the people while the authorities say that it is still best for people to stay home if they do not need anything outside; this will prevent any accidents in the community. The State of Illinois has already declared a state of emergency due to the very cold weather.

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