Marie Kondo And Her Art Of Decluttering Inspires Millions Of Americans To Tidy Up

Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Letting go is a hard thing do. And so is organizing our things at home. Good thing, there’s world-renowned decluttering guru Marie Kondo from Japan.

Here’s Kondo’s mantra, throw away stuff that does not spark joy. Yes, it may sound a little bit unsavvy, but you’ve got to understand the inspiration and the motive behind this idea.

She wrote two books named The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up.

The first book was a combination of her confessional autobiography, life philosophy, decluttering strategies and clothes-folding tips. More than four million copies of her first book had been sold worldwide. On the other hand, her second book include a lot pictures and contain more specifics but still shares the same principles of the first one.

The 30 years old lady endorses tidying by category, not location. Kondos suggests going with clothes first, then the books, next papers, miscellaneous items, and finally, items that hold sentimental items. She follows a certain method of folding clothes, essentially into thirds, which take lesser space.

Furthermore, she believes that when things are scattered, people don’t realize the value of the stuff they have accumulated for years. Oh, and before I forget, the Tidying Guru suggests to thank your items before you get rid of them. She thinks there’s a sense of fulfillment if we’re gratitude with the things we’ve used in the past.

With her Netflix series, Tidying Up, her fan base and avid followers continue to grow. According to some fans, the konMari method obviously brings a lot of joy and a sense of peace since it is also a way of letting go of any mental and emotional weight.

Since the Netflix series has been shown, the decluttering business is booming drastically. As of 2019, there are about 60 KonMari consultants and 225 KonMari consultants worldwide. Thrift stores are also happy to report that there has been an increase in donations.

But not everyone agrees with Marie and her KonMari method, some book lovers don’t like the idea of removing books that do not spark joy and not keeping some of it for rereading.

But then again, it does not matter if you like to keep your things organized or messy, One must admit that a well-organized closet or home brings a certain calmness.

Marie Kondo Netflix’s Official Trailer for Tidying Up

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