James Ingram Dies At Age 66 — He’ll Be Remembered For His Kind Heart And Great Music

James Ingram Dies at age 66

The Grammy-award winning and chart-topping R&B singer, James Ingram dies at age 66 on Tuesday, January 29 confirmed by Debbie Allen via Twitter saying that she has lost her “dearest friend and creative partner to the Celestial Choir.” Her tweet has reached millions of fans around the world, and the news just started to sprout left and right. Although, James Ingram’s cause of death has not yet been revealed to the public.

James Ingram started his music career in the early 1970s with his chart-topping and ever-famous song entitled “Just Once” which has reached people in almost all parts of the globe. He is also a songwriter in nature, a record producer, and instrumentalist. The US R&B singer was born on February 16, 1952, in Ohio and is married to Debra Robinson in the year 1975. In an interview, he once said that he sings to her on a daily basis. They have six children and one of their sons, and Josh Ingram is also a producer and a musician. He produced music for Thump Nixon, Debbie Allen’s son.

Tweets about James Ingram’s death already reached about 89 thousand and people from the industry and fans around the world have also shared their love and sympathy in social media.

Quincy Jones tweeted his love for the singer and said that there are no words to express and convey how he feels right now. He also posted a video introducing the late R&B singer in a concert in Korea. Another tweet from Kenny Lattimore describing James Ingram as the standard of excellence in songwriting for him adding that his songs are of intent and authenticity.

James Ingram will be missed by everyone including the millennials who looks up to his music and art in the industry. Josh Groban, one of the famous artist of this generation, also said that Ingram is a ‘vocalist that all vocalists look up to’ indeed, he made a mark on everyone in the music industry and will forever be an inspiration to all.

The world never loses unique and talented people for they will always be remembered and their works will be passed on to the next generation of musicians and listeners. This news may sadden us but there no doubts that James Ingram has already fulfilled his dreams and his responsibilities in the industry. His music and life will remain in our hearts forever.

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