[Updated] Cloud Gaming: Made Video Games More Accessible To Everyone – See How This Technology Transformed Gaming

Cloud Gaming Made Video Games More Accessible

Games are the world’s most popular and profitable form of entertainment. In fact, the global gaming industry was expected to generate no less than 135 billion dollars at the end of 2018, according to Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report. In the United States, 65 percent of the population are gamers based on Nielsen’s 2017 research.

With Cloud gaming, gamers can now stream the latest game releases straight to their own devices.  Aside from the convenience of playing games from a central server, it has the power to transform the simple laptop into a full-blown functional gaming device. With it, Video games can be played at any device and from any location.

Cloud gaming is somehow related to the idea of video streaming.  A gaming server runs the game and streams the video of the gameplay to the user.  The remote server handles all the heavy stuff, which means gamers can play even the best graphic video games on whatever device that can display it in video format, from Personal computers to mobile devices.

One of the advantages of cloud gaming is users can save more money because they don’t need to buy an expensive gaming setup – upgrade their personal computers and buy graphics cards, sound cards, processors or motherboards just to play the newest releases. Cloud gaming subscription costs way more cheaper than buying graphics card and other high end gaming devices, which one needs to replace after a few years.

Some of the other advantages are users are not limited to the games found on their shelves or hard drive storage. A whole lot of games can be played and are accessible in seconds. Games cannot be pirated.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages of cloud gaming is it requires a stable internet connection because if the user is disconnected, the game will be restarted or the player will be out of the game. Furthermore, playing in a network rather than on a local device may lead to some delays between the server and the video stream, which will result to incomplete gaming experience for the user.

Playing video games both have advantages and disadvantages. Some video games can have positive effects on the player’s behavioural and cognitive skills.  But the World Health Organization (WHO) includes gaming addiction as a mental health disorder. As a result, One should keep in mind to have a well-balanced gaming life and to not spend too much time on the screen.

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