Apple Temporarily Shuts Down Facetime App After Eavesdropping Bug Spikes Concern – Software Upgrade Roll Out Next Week

Apple temporarily shuts down facetime, will roll out software update next week

There is another bug that Apple faces in their Facetime app called, the “Eavesdropping” Bug. Well, as the name suggests, this bug allows the caller to eavesdrop even though the receiver did not pick up the phone. Strange isn’t it? Aside from that, there are also some iPhones that could send videos without the knowledge of the receiver. Now, that’s creepy!

Apple discovered the issue in their iPhones last Monday. The American multinational tech company has informed all Apple users that the Facetime app will be temporarily shut down. Hence, no more group calls with your girlfriends, or co-workers, or even an interview for the meantime until Apple fixes the bug in their system. As of now, Apple remains silent over the completion of the bug fix. It is still undetermined when the Facetime app will be functional again. However, according to reliable sources, works are already ongoing.

Facetime App Photo By: George Capalbo

This system bug in Facetime or the “Eavesdropping” bug was first shown Benji Mobb via Twitter. In his account, he revealed the defects of Facetime like calling another Facetime user and dialing another number to add in the call as the third party. With this usage, the one who initiates the call will now have access to the recipient’s microphone even without them answering the call. Eavesdropping to the other end will only be cut once too many rings occur.

A blog named 9to5Mac discovered that when both users use Facetime with version 12.1 of Apple’s operating system (iOS) or the newer version, that is when the bug happens. It also affects the MAC users when they are called using by an iPhone.

Another annoying bug of Facetime discovered by 9to5Mac is once the receiver blocks the call, or even turn off the phone, it will result in sending a video to the caller without the receiver’s knowledge.

So far, the Facetime app bug has caused investors to worry ahead of earnings due to this significant software glitch. As of now, the glitch affected most of its latest iPhone devices such as the XS and XR models.

Apple is currently scrambling to fix the glitch which could be a potential piece of spyware, says The Street. Apple announced to roll out software upgrades later this week to resolve the issue.

For the meantime, Apple users who are affected with the said bug can temporarily turn off the Facetime app by going to the Settings > FaceTime and toggling the FaceTime button to the off position.

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