VoIP Calls For Google Voice Will Be Coming In A Few Weeks

Google Voice Updated -- Adds VoIP Support

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has been ready in most social media apps like Facebook and Instagram through voice calls on private messages or group messages. It allows users to communicate through voice messages and video calls or conference calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data. It has been one of the most used media of communication for this generation where the internet is almost the first choice for communicating with people.

These social media apps are being utilized by millions of people around the world although also blocked in some parts of the globe like in some Arab countries. Thankfully, we have alternatives to solve such issues and barriers.

Moreover, there has been a long overdue update on VoIP for Google Voice. It has been on the lists of future updates for some time now and finally will be coming to reality. Accordingly, Google Voice has committed to do innovations on the app since the year 2017 including an update to have VoIP on its system.

Google’s Real Time Communications product lead, Scott Johnson announced that Voice over Internet Protocol calls would already be featured on Google Voice in the coming weeks of February. Users will soon be able to make and receive calls in the app over the internet or mobile data. According to the news, it has already been tested for eight months in beta phase last year in September.

The new feature on Google Voice has already been available to some selected users in the United States and Canada with G-Suite accounts and the possibilities for it to be expanded around the globe will soon happen. Google has been careful enough to fix loopholes on the feature before letting it out to all of its users.

Google Voice never had Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. It has only been restricted to having the traditional phone connections. This has to change since today’s generation of users needs the additional feature on the app to go on and cope up with every day.

According to Google, the first users to experience the update on Google Voice are those who have G-Suite accounts. Countries like Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Austria, and the US will most likely take advantage of the feature on the next few weeks while other countries will have to wait a little bit longer for the update.

The company has decided to make it open for its users soon and hoping to let everyone in the world experience it too.

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