STD-Detecting Condoms Developed By Three Teenagers

STD-Detecting Condoms

According to the World Health Organization, more than one million sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted daily worldwide. And, there are more than 30 different bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are transferrable through sexual contact.

There have been rumors that most teens are naïve and as a result are significant contributors to the increasing population (teen pregnancy) or increasing number of transmitted diseases globally. But some teens in Britain somehow debunked this idea and proved that the youth can still be the hope of a nation.

Three teens created condoms which contain antibodies that will react to the antigens of Sexually transmitted diseases, as a result, the condom will change color depending on the disease.

They won the United Kingdom’s TeenTech Awards’ top prize and several condom companies have already contacted them and showed interest.
But the proposal has its own limitations. Currently, It can only detect one type of  STD. And it might be difficult to determine the color if two or more STDs are detected. It is not yet known if it can detect STD for both the user and the user’s sexual partner.

There have been a lot of ways on how to avoid contracting STDs. Some of it include vaccination, reducing the number of sex partners, mutual monogamy and correct usage of condoms. But the surest way to avoid infection is abstinence. At the end of the day, Safe sex is no sex.

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