Philippines Mourn As Bombing Killed 20 Innocent People In Jolo, Sulu

Jolo, Sulu BombingThe bombing of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Jolo, Sulu. Photo By: @amaezinggrace07/Twitter

The Philippines, especially Mindanao area, are in full alert after the twin explosions happened in Jolo, Sulu last Sunday, January 27, 2019. On a regular Sunday morning, resident people of Jolo have their usual mass inside the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church which is one of the two Catholic churches in Jolo, Sulu (the other church is inside the premises of the military).

Right after saying the word ‘Hallelujah,’ a bomb explosion happened, and all the innocent people who attended the mass did not even have the time to escape and save their lives. Short minutes after the first explosion inside the church, another bomb exploded just outside the church that killed bypassers, a coastguard, and military officials who are guarding the area. It was said that a person left his motorcycle in front of the church with a bomb inside the U-box.

As of today, the twin explosions happened in Jolo, Sulu has caused 20 dead people, and close to 100 wounded others who are now confined at a hospital in Jolo, while the critical civilians were brought to Zamboanga City hospitals for immediate treatment. PRC Chairman Richard Gordon has called an emergency meeting to inform their team to be on full alert, and at the same time told two teams in Zamboanga city to standby for any circumstances that might happen anytime.

The military strongly believes that the Abu Sayaff, a group of terrorist people in the Philippines are the people responsible for all the bombing. According to the head of the Philippine Institute for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, Rommel Banlaoi, a new group called ‘Ajang-Ajang’ who is also under the Abu Sayaff is particularly the one who is behind the bombing. The ‘Aja-Aja’ terrorist group is known for kidnapping, robbery, and extortion in the Sulu province. Because of this tragic incident, the President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte was furious that he commanded the military to annihilate the Abu Sayaff group at once.

The bombing in Jolo, Sulu, and the recent attack as well in the city of Cotabato were being assumed as a revenge to the last held BOL (Bangsamoro Organic Law) election in Mindanao. The purpose of the votation was BOL (Bangsamoro Organic Law) wants the majority of the city of Mindanao to be under the Bangsamoro region and replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Cotabato City has a winning vote of YES while Jolo, Sulu has a winning majority of NO.

As of now, embassies of different countries warned the tourists to be vigilant and avoid going to the Philippines temporarily, specifically in Mindanao areas until the tension subsides. Citizens are also extending their prayers to all the victims of the bombing.

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