Philip Morris Will Go Smoke-Free: Experts Doubt The Shift

Experts doubts the move of Philip Morris of going smoke-free

Philip Morris international, the world’s biggest tobacco company and a producer of Marlboro and several leading brands, pledges to abate cigarettes and will now resort to smoke-free products. This reinvention is a sudden movement to minimalize the number of death due to smoking.

Deaths due to tobacco smoking roared up to 100 million people in the 20th century, with this unexpected result, the industry still refused to acknowledge its contribution to the mortality rate until now, says Sky News. So far, it is counting on science and technology with more than 3,000 patents ready for testing. It sets up a laboratory where machines are generating tobacco-infused smokes and also a lab where scientists monitor the chemical impacts of these smokes to human’s lungs and airways.

The company only allowed Sky News to document the day to day activities and progress of the said inventions. Thus, this January, Philip Morris announced that the development centered more on IQS, an electric device that only heats tobacco rather than burns them. However, this is only a minor development since it does not guarantee that it will reduce the risk of smoking cigarettes though blood test suggests minimal impacts on the body. The study will be continued until further progress will be made.

Meanwhile, Public Health England is still skeptical on Philip Morris’ sudden transition to smoke-free products. It states that there are no other researches to recommend IQS to smokers as an alternative for those who want to quit smoking nor even made a comparison to vaping.

Though, Philip Morris International had not mentioned its main reason why it resorted to end cigarettes, however, its purpose became obvious when a report showed that in UK, 15 percent of adults smoke, decreased by 10 percent as of 2019. So this may be a clever move by the company to offer smokers another approach to enjoy smoking other than cigarettes.

If ever IQS will be successful and the company decided to introduce it worldwide, there will be a huge difference between the cost of its former cigarettes and other smoking products versus the heated tobacco device. The latter will be beyond the means of the world’s low and middle income countries where most smokers live and where the company continues to earn profits. Though it vows to devise a cheaper kind of this product, there would still be never-ending arguments as to whether the price is worth risking your life.

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