Japan Revives Commercial Hunting Of Whales This 2019

Japan Approved Commercial Hunting of Whales This 2019

For the first time in three decades, Japan conferred about plans to revive commercial whale hunting, last Jan 24. This plan was made after Japan’s decision last December to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

The organization said whalers from Pacific coast towns, which includes recognized dolphin-hunter, Taiji, was expected to give five vessels on a joint mission starting July 1, after Japan formally ended it’s membership in IWC. Taiji will lead the mission , bringing 1 vessel to catch minke whales. The scope of operation will be little compared to the previous whale hunts.

Whales are mainly hunted for their meat, oil, and blubber, which can be used to manufacture lamp oil, soap, perfume, cosmetics, corsets, umbrellas, and other tools like fishing hooks.

Whales Photo By: briethe

Even though in most countries, whale hunting is regarded illegal, some organizations still find legal loopholes for their own benefit and for their love of money.

Whaling is allowed for research purposes and is deemed legal, the research’s purpose is to monitor the health of a specific whale species and find ways on how to make their natural environment better so that their population keeps on growing. But, after the whales are captured their meat will inevitably be sold for profit. The common excuse why whalers sell the meat is because its simplest way to throw away the corpse.

Whale Hunting
Whale Hunting Photo By: Herry Lawford

Some concerned organizations and groups have made some laws to protect the whales and to ban this practice because the gentle giants may soon face extinction. However, it seems like this is an unending  battle to stop whaling industries and countries, who don’t even admit that they’re doing something wrong.

Whale population is already decreasing because of chemical pollution, noise pollution, being trapped in fishing nets, bumping with ships and global warming. We humans don’t need to add gasoline to the burning fire by hunting whales. We can only hope that in the near future, whaling industries would  realize that what they’re doing is a very big mistake, before the whales face extinction.

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  1. Daniel O'Brien | January 29, 2019 at 6:24 am | Reply

    Timeout Japan! I do not want you to resume whale hunting because that is wildlife crime and abuse. Whales are important to their ecosystems since they help change climate and they need to keep their ocean habitats in balance as they hunt for their prey. What you are doing is unacceptable and I want you to cancel the whale hunting immediately because it is not right for you to kill them cuz we do not want any of the whales to go extinct especially our endangered right whales.

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