Corporate Animals: Britney Spears’ First Big Screen Appearance After Nine Years

Britney Spears returns to the big screen after nine years of staying away

The Hollywood pop superstar Britney Spears will return to the big screen with a secret cameo in the coming comedy horror film Corporate Animals. Everyone was surprised that the actress/singer is returning to Hollywood movies after nine years of being ‘off-cam’ and following her ‘hiatus’ status at work. The news was announced by Director Patrick Brice at the Sundance Film Festival on a panel with the L.A Times.

Spears appearance was a top-secret to the movie crew, staff and even to her co-stars. Jessica Williams, one of the main characters reacted that she did not know about this plot. Though, it is still undecided whether Britney will physically be on the movie or just her voice recordings. Meanwhile, her fans are already expressing their full support for the celebrity on and off the social media.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears at X Factor Photo By: rocor

Before the actual recordings, Director Brice also revealed that it took a lot of efforts to contact Spears and her talent managers. They have gone through series of connections before they were able to render 10 minutes of Spear’s time. Ed, co-actor and producer of the film, made a confirmation through twitter that the pop diva will be finally working with them after her long break on the big screen.

Spear’s role in the said movie is not yet finalized but according to Brice, one of the characters is obsessed with the pop diva, and this fascination leads him to listen to the walls where he hears her voice constantly reaching to him.

With Spears acting career finally ended on the 2002 film, Crossroads – her notable movie so far, she has not appeared on any movies or TV shows since then. Her last cameo role was on Glee back on 2010 and after nine years of movie break, Corporate Animals becomes her pseudo-movie debut astonishing everyone on Hollywood.

Currently, fans and supporters of the pop diva are still anticipating her comeback on the music industry. However, the musician decided to hold her album and pronounced an indefinite work hiatus due to his father’s ill-condition.

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