Are We Saying Goodbye To Gina Linetti On The Next Episode Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gina Linetti leaving the show?

The TV show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is already on its 6th season, surviving the test of time through maintaining show’s quality at pace. It started its first ever episode in September of 2013 which spread over many countries around the world having a high number of fans and viewers. The show revolves around the story of the “best” detectives in Brooklyn. It is a comedy TV show that has been keeping up with today’s generation.

For people who have been watching and waiting for what’s about to happen on the next season, feared that it might not push through after Fox reportedly cancelling the TV show. Fortunately, NBC “saved” the show since its demand has been high. Last week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is already on their third episode still with their loyal viewers around the globe.

Before Season 6 started, fans have already been speculating about Gina Linetti’s exit on the show—she was thought to be leaving the Nine-Nine for good. Although the first three episodes of Season 6 still had her, she said that she might be ‘moving on’ already. According to Jake and Gina on the third episode, Gina should pursue a life outside of the Nine-Nine, and a lot of people have now been asking if it’s going to be an end for Gina Linetti.

Chelsea Peretti who plays Gina is known to be one of the show’s highlights as she gives life to their busy lives as cops. Her departure on the show has now already been starting as she transitions to being the Nine-Nine’s secretary to who she wants to be. Accordingly, her talents are being wasted as she continues to be there.

Will we be saying goodbye to Gina Linetti soon?

The show’s quality has stayed consistent throughout the years and seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and people are happy about it. When the day comes that we don’t get to see Gina on the show, it may probably never be like it anymore, but as she says, we all have to move on. We may also think that the show is slowly ending for good as a major character is leaving. But that would have to take 15 episodes more until we get the right answers for our questions.

The show has a lot of surprises for its viewers each episode hoping that it will end having its viewers prepared for what’s going to happen.

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