The Benefits Of Maintaining High Fiber Diet (Fight Off Diseases)

High Fiber Diet can help you fight off diseases

A recent study sponsored  by World Health Organization (WHO) found out that there’s 15 to 30 percent reduced possibility of chronic diseases and death to people who follow a high fiber diet , compared to people who follow a low fiber diet.

On average, high fiber diet was linked to 22% reduced risk of stroke, 16%  reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer and 30% reduced risk of death from coronary heart disease.

Fiber is found in fruits, dark-colored vegetables, and some legumes. Some of the high-fiber food are pears, strawberries, avocado, apples, raspberries, bananas, carrots, beets and broccoli. It lowers LDL or bad cholesterol and blood sugar, is good for digestion, can help in weight loss and fight constipation.

Globally, most people eat about 20 grams(0.70) of dietary fiber daily, the study stated. The research suggests a daily intake of 25 to 29 grams of dietary fiber. But more consumption of dietary fiber even gives more benefits.

Professor Jim Mann, the one who co-led the research, analyzed more than 180 observational studies and 50 clinical trials from the last four decades. As a result, they found sufficient evidence that increasing dietary fiber and replacing refined grains with whole grains would reduce to lower cases of mortality from many diseases.

Food with high fiber that needs chewing and keep most of their structure in the gut, increase satiety and assists in controlling weight. Furthermore, the fiber’s breakdown in the large bowel by a bacteria gives a lot of effects which includes protection from colorectal cancer.

However, the result from the research was limited to healthy persons only. Hence, these results do not apply to individuals with existing chronic conditions. Second, the majority of the studies were conducted in western communities. Therefore, it’s not 100 percent sure that the results also apply to less privileged communities.

At the end of the day, what the research implies is consuming food rich in fiber can create significant changes to one’s health. With the world largely recognizing healthy options and considers eating healthy is more important than saving money, research such as these can start a whirlpool of possibilities for both consumers and businesses alike.

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