Loneliness Kills Faster Than Obesity, Research Says

A Research from Harvard revealed loneliness kills faster than obesity

Humans are known to be social creatures but a study suggested that social interaction is actually a necessity for our survival. According to the findings of the study, loneliness result to 50% increase in probability of dying early compared to the 45% risk that obesity offers, based on 2016 Harvard study.

The study was conducted by Dr. Julianna Holt-Lunstad and her team at the Brigham Young University. They investigated 218 studies to determine the link of social isolation and mortality.

However, it is a sad reality that even though with the power of technology particularly social media, we are supposed to be closer to other people but then again it somehow separates us more. One cannot really know how to determine if a certain person is indeed feeling lonely or is suffering from mental illnesses.

Loneliness was labeled as an epidemic in United Kingdom.  Every year, around 26 million dollars is spent yearly because of sick leaves.

Previously, a lot of documents have been discovered that show that lonely people will usually face a lot of health issues from heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease, that may lead to an earlier death. Lonely people usually experience depression.

Researchers have found out that immune systems of lonely or isolated people behave differently compared to people who usually have social interactions. Their white blood cells seem to act in a way that increases inflammation and lower levels of antiviral compounds called interferons. As a result, lonely people have a higher risk of cancer, viral infections and neurodegenerative illnesses.

Lonely people who are depressed, overwhelmed with problems and have no one else to share to their problems or rants with, think that suicide is the solution, that somehow it will end their problems. But suicide doesn’t solve anything. Suicide victims don’t realize that the pain/hurt they’re feeling will just be passed on to their loved ones.

Some people commit suicide not because they are weak but because they’ve been pretending to be strong for a long time. Life is too short. We don’t know what other people are facing. We should be kind and gentle with one another, to make this world a more livable place to live.

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