Lackawanna Energy Center Is Ready To Power 1 Million American Homes

Lackawanna Energy Center

The Lackawanna Energy Center, a 1,485-megawatt electric generation facility is ready to serve over 1 million American homes. Invenergy, the developer and operator of the energy facility, proudly presented the innovation that can power household and communities, at the same time, generate revenues of more than $50 million.

In partnership with Kiewit Power Constructors, the Lackawanna Energy Center is located outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania which is known as the “Electric City” due to its early adoption of electric lighting.

The Lackawanna Energy Center is not only massive regarding size. It’s built, and capabilities compete in an international setting. Lackawanna is made with highly-efficient designs providing 60% more energy efficiency compared to conventional buildings.

In an interview with Invenergy’s CEO, Michael Polsky, the Lackawanna Energy Center is the “most technically and sophisticated” power plant the company has ever built.

So, regarding its future contribution to market, we are talking massive numbers. The Lackawanna Energy Center contributed over $285 million to the local economy and $170 million of that comes from wages and workers’ benefits.

The Lackawanna Energy Center construction begun in March 2016. Construction was halted back in 2017 when Winter Storm Stella hit the NorthEastern part of the United States. However, the aggressiveness of the construction spiked and declared the Lackawanna Energy Center complete ahead of schedule.

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