Increasing Wedding Costs Are Putting People Off From Getting Married

Wedding Costs are putting people off from getting married

Marriage is an investment, it requires time, money, and effort to pull off an unforgettable binding. In 2017, statistics revealed that there are 14.24 million married couples in Canada. It’s a 2.17 million increase from year 2000’s where total of married couples is 12.07 million.

Although if you try to see the number of marriages per year from 2000 to 2017, statistics show a decline each year. Since marriage is an integral milestone in one’s adult life and considering the inflating number of weddings per year, does today’s society consider marriage the least priority?

Previously, we revealed to you the interesting wedding trends for 2019. You’ve witnessed the return of contemporary designs and a step towards greener alternatives. And, to take things into consideration, could the increasing prices and services to pull off a wedding contributes to the decreasing number of marriages per year?

Most experts suggest that couples should plan their weddings six to eight months before. The timeframe enables each pair to carefully prepare their wedding ceremonies — from reservations to the detailed designs they ought to choose.

However, one of the significant factor each couple considers before planning their wedding is the budget required for the entire ceremony. And, yes, today’s economy could influence your decision of getting married.

In the UK, out of 18,000 couples surveyed, 83% of respondents detailed that the increasing cost of pulling off a wedding gets them off from getting married.

People in the UK believed that pulling off an amazing and unforgettable wedding could cost over £32,000. Meanwhile, in Canada, an average wedding could hit $40,000 to $50,000. In a glance, it’s indeed a blow to the bank.

A poll to determine what Canadians think marriages should cost in 2018 revealed an average budget of $9,000. However, experts and wedding planners explained that the average budget Canadians believe is a serious low-ball, especially for a 2018 – 2019 wedding.

Wedding planners from Simply Perfect revealed that the more realistic number is $200 per person for a 100 person guest list, and that’s $20,000 in total which is enough to pull off a decent ceremony.

Meanwhile, experts in the UK revealed a study that Britons can spend under £12,000 for a wedding. And, this data contradicts the common norm of spending £32,000.

Most experts suggest that limiting your guest list can reduce the budget required during weddings. Aside from limiting attendees, bargaining for services or hiring friends or mutual friends that can offer services for less could make a huge difference.

The increasing prices of goods and services indeed influence our decisions of taking that step towards the married status. However, there are tons of ways to stay savvy, yet perfection. Marriage is more than just a ceremony; it is a binding of two individuals that are inloved. So, go ahead! And, don’t let prices stop you.

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