SimPRO Update: All You Need To Know

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SimPRO Solution Incorporated is a BPO Business Process Outsourcing services and a global provider of call centers that focus on process improvement, at the same time, uplifting the passion for enhancing the customer experience and training. SimPRO’s foundation stands on quality first, since it is believed to be the only sustainable business model.

With its vision to maintain its mantra of “quality first,” SimPRO introduces its latest updates on its VoIP integration to their users. This integration allows users or customers to make and receive phone calls via SimPRO with features that’s dedicated to improving functionality and bettering workflows.

SimPRO users can now access landline payments and avoid providing their phone numbers for by installing the VoIP phone in their SimPRO software. VoIP is what some would call a “softphone” because it does not require any hardware to function, instead uses the internet to make and receive calls. It uses software or an application instead of a telecommunications network.

In a sense, it is a perfect opportunity for businesses who are in the look for savvy yet effective ways of communication. As we’ve discussed a couple of time, VoIP functionalities are much cheaper than a traditional phone plan by the telco company.

Customers wishing to use the SimPRO VoIP for the first time need to utilize or source out to existing provider plans. But once the integration is turned on, and staff credentials have been activated, you can now make and receive calls via SimPRO.

SimPRO update offered new arrays of reporting options for users making critical business decisions. The ability to create and schedule non-billable schedule rates are added for users to tag and note their itineraries easily. The timesheet module is the second modular release for SimPRO mobile. It’s a productive time tracking, scheduling solution designed for every technician working on site. With this solution, you’ll get better visibility for calculations. An additional filter option in the labor productivity report also helps you save more time in searching for stock items or when performing a stock adjustment.

SimPRO releases improvements every two weeks, and updates are received by stages so that the users can update their devices to the latest version a week after the initial release. The SimPRO product roadmap regarding ideas or information communicated through SimPRO passes through a portal and is subject to changes due to changing client needs and features that are initially anticipated.

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