Latest Technologies That Aim To Assist Wildlife Conservation Worldwide

Technologies built to fight and wildlife hunting and assist wildlife conservation

Wildlife conservation has always been there, but the urgency sometimes may not be felt. Today, there have been numerous reports of people who engage in such cruel activities, wherein, wildlife animals are being killed for fame or only for pleasure. Somehow, they have gone uncontrollably because there is not much action on laws and the government for these poor and helpless animals.

We live in a generation where short-term feel satisfies better than thinking long-term. The advances in technology give us the opportunity to choose either of the two, but somehow people would instead opt out for temporary satisfaction without thinking of the possible consequences.

Wildlife traffickers and poachers have been continuing their jobs as pleasure-seekers in killing wildlife and taking advantage of some online platforms to assist them with their “jobs.”

Through different online platforms, they can transport, source, and even sell wildlife products worldwide. It is a sad reality that is happening today, fortunately, we have new technology that can minimize such illegal acts. Their industry of wildlife trade might soon end if we also focus on this side of technology. The truth is, we may also fast run out of time if we do not do our jobs in conserving wildlife and allow people to do what they want.

According to Nick Ahlers, Project Leader of Wildlife TRAPS, they have already been finding ways in detecting illegal wildlife trade which will help the government and enforcement agencies end international smuggling. They have created new platforms, avenues for communication, and other advances in technology that is capable of tracking and combating wildlife crime.

One of which is Wildlife Forensic Science which provides scientific pieces of evidence that produces information for investigations of such crimes. This determines the identity of poached animals and illegally traded products. It also verifies species identification and their geographic origins. This is most helpful to help locate places where animal poaching happens.

There are also online platforms that create awareness to people in partnership with different tech companies across continents that are committed to shutting down online trafficking routes including wildlife cybercriminals. The Global Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online together with WWF, IFAW, and TRAFFIC have been working to reduce wildlife trafficking.

Wildlife conservation and ending wildlife trafficking should be a worldwide movement since we will all benefit from this. It requires unity and integrated solutions to shut down the online exchange of these products.

2 Comments on "Latest Technologies That Aim To Assist Wildlife Conservation Worldwide"

  1. Daniel O'Brien | January 26, 2019 at 10:37 am | Reply

    Keep up the good work with your new technology and don’t let any poachers try to kill any wildlife and place them under arrest.

  2. Daniel O'Brien | January 26, 2019 at 10:35 am | Reply

    Keep up the good work this technology and please keep the wildlife safe from any of those who try to kill them because I’ve had enough of them being shot. Catch as many poachers and Hunters as you can and place them under arrest with this technology

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