Jumping From 4G To 5G: Here’s What 5G Can Do For You

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One of the most awaited advancements in technology is the cellular industry. With its monthly updates on software, model and other details, cellular technology is always on top of the list in the market. Everything about mobile phones is a priority on people’s purchasing power whether in Asia or Europe, it will be always on the lead in technological advances.

One part of innovation in cellular technology is jumping from 4G to 5G. According to Verizon CEO, Hans Vestberg, 5G has the greatest potential in transforming the advances in technology even if will take so much on innovation; It will still be every developer’s priority since the direction on cellular innovation is through it.

Today, we have been taking advantage of 4g LTE which offers two of its main capabilities or what they call currencies: throughput and speed which has given businesses and consumers the ability to upload and download large amount of data at a faster speed than the usual 3G. This has allowed users to do work in a fast pace.

Meanwhile, 5G is a lot more different than 4G. It does not only offer a two-capability network but accordingly, it will serve its users four times than 4G. Moreover, it includes faster speed and throughput, low latency, more improved web browsing, and improved app experience for people who uses smartphones.

The future is bright with 5G as it is anticipated to have the capability to control and allow almost everything in telemedicine and self-driving vehicles which has been talked about in the last few years. In a just a little while we will be seeing all of these unfold as developers have been doing extra effort in technology and 5G will just be a part of it.

The availability of 5G has not yet been used by everyone according to the market industry. In addition to this, 5G connection and proper wireless 5G will be fully out in the market for consumers later this year, said Vestberg. He also added that they will be releasing two phones this year with 5G, one with Motorola and the other one will be with Samsung. Although the dates are still not out.

It has also been a headline in discussions in the technology industry. This advancement in technology will soon be a normal thing with companies and businesses and will also soon be a requirement for all innovations with technology.

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