UK: An App That Solves Common Childminding Struggles

An App That Solves Childminding Struggles

If you’re a parent, working at the same time taking care of your little ones could be challenging. The pressure of keeping up with work and maintaining the welfare of your children sometimes gets parents overwhelmed. Hence, most parents acquire childminding services to keep them afloat with work and being a parent.

Childminding Services in the UK are top-rated regarding numbers and demands. However, booking your children for childcare can turn out to be a little bit frustrating.

For parents, the struggles of filling out pdf forms to enroll your kids at childminding business are very evident — talking about EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage requirement. And, with today’s very fast-paced environment, sitting down and spend time accomplishing such requirements could compromise other vital activities.

Meanwhile, for childminders, the same amount of stress and frustration are experienced. And, Paul Harding, the creator of Kids Covered, saw that there’s something needed to be changed.

Mr. Harding launched an app that can solve and eradicate the stresses in enrolling your kids to childcare. The app is called Kids Covered, and it can help both parents and childminders manage a childminding business effectively.

Paul calls Kids Covered a one-stop shop for all childminding needs. The app allows parents to accomplish requirements efficiently and spend little time in enrolling their kids to childcare.

The app has a readily available EYFS information and alerts for validation and setup bookings easily. It also provides added security as parents can see the history of a childminding provider.

Childminding businesses can also benefit a lot from the app. Aside from EYFS information are readily available for booking or enrolling kids, diaries and guides are also present to ensure quality service promise.

Kids Covered charges £1.20 per booking. Though these charges could be a little bit upsetting in using the app for childminding businesses, Paul believes that saving time and efficiently managing childminding reservations for both parents and childminders can make tons of difference.

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