Microsoft To Implement Ethical Principles On Facial Recognition Technology

Microsoft on Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has already been under study and observance by the tech giants. This advancement in technology allows greater security methods for all sectors of technology users including the police and the government. Although, there have been issues regarding the update in technology and the effort to add facial recognition to their database. As facial recognition uses artificial intelligence or AI, this also requires countries to work on their laws and regulations in prevention for future biases in facial recognition.

It was last December 2018 when Microsoft along with other tech giants urged countries to continue formulating laws for it, and this year, Microsoft has already been coming up with some ethical practices that they will soon implement once the facial recognition technology is already fixed. This will help prevent the risks of having biased results and outcomes and invasion of their users’ information and privacy according to Bloomberg.

Moreover, the impact of facial recognition technology will mostly be used for security purposes since it can recognize people through digital images or videos. This will most likely be helpful in the government to detect wanted people or be used as a reference for future purposes. Microsoft’s goal in partnering with the government as they create laws and regulations for this is for them to complete what they are planning to do for everyone’s sake.

By the end of March, Microsoft’s self-designed ethical principles will be implemented for its new technology in facial recognition—another reason why they have been continuously urging the government ahead with the regulations needed in the field.

The ethical principles that Microsoft has been planning will include drafting policies, empowering governance systems and tools that are entirely in line with the goals that they have set, and setting control for the company’s sales globally and partnering and consulting with other experts to prevent unwanted instances and breaches with their consumer’s information.

Other uses of Microsoft’s facial recognition technology software will be useful for law enforcement, security, military, and other sectors of the government that wishes to improve their systems for better handling of data and information.

Meanwhile, people have been discussing the risks that this technology might cause such as mass surveillance and threats of bias. According to research, facial recognition is most likely to fail with people who have darker skin. Nevertheless, Microsoft will not take this concern for granted.
Other tech giants like Google and Amazon are also working on with it.

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