Maldives Will Set Safe Zones For Swimming After Death Controversies

Maldives: Safe Zones for swimming

After the controversial death of Filipino honeymooners in the famous island country in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed encouraged every resort owner to establish safe zones for swimming.

With the current increase of tourist tragedies in the Maldives, the Ministry of Tourism decided to hold a press conference last January 17. Waheed mentioned that all the stakeholders and the Ministry are determined to work together to make the Maldives a safe tourist destination worthy of its popularity.

They wanted to focus on safe zones for swimming because of incidents of drowning increased from 2016 despite the assurance of its management that diving gears or equipment are properly checked and maintained.

However, further details on how these safe zones will be implemented are currently under discussion among the administration and island councils.

Each traveler hopes that with these new guidelines, and with proper execution of resorts’ owners and staff, the Maldives will be a destination where you can enjoy without risking your safety.

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