STIR and SHAKEN to Eliminate Scam and Robo-calls.

FCC approved STIR and SHAKEN use for scam calls prevention

Many people take advantage of new technology without knowing some of the risks that they are getting in to. The advancement in technology does not only limit to the right side of it, but it also includes a wrong team which is receiving a lot of scam calls and messages and robo-calls that bother users. While most people enjoy the benefit of its advancements, some users are also being troubled by all the scams and the only way to stop it is through creating another technology for it.

This year the mobile industry hopes to minimize or cancel all scam calls and robocalls through the blocking efforts by a new technology. Service providers have also been bothered by years of complaints from their users saying that they receive scams and calls from unknown and unregistered numbers. These providers have already been doing their best to end scams and have finally found a way to do so.

With the effort and support of the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, calls will be adequately regulated and protected to avoid the same problem all over again. T-Mobile and AT&T already began offering their users the Caller Verified Service which uses new technology from Secure Telephony Identity (STIR) and Secure Handling of Asserted information using to KENs (SHAKEN). Accordingly, these works as a digital fingerprint for all phone calls under the provider.

STIR and SHAKEN technology, when applied, works as an authentication app for all calls made and received, ensuring that the caller is legit and real from your service provider. Before the user gets the call, it shall be verified by the provider in their database through an authentication code sent by STIR and SHAKEN to avoid the scams and robocalls. In that way, there will be lesser automated scam calls.

The problem with these type of calls is that once you can make contact with them, you will never stop receiving these calls no matter how hard you ask to be put on the NO-CALL LIST or the BLOCK LIST.

Accordingly, the FCC would want to require all service providers to add this technology to eliminate the risks in scam calls. This is also to help reduce data and information breach of users. STIR and SHAKEN is a free app that can do the filtering to these annoying calls. By March 2019, Verizon will also adapt to this new app for better service to their customers and users.

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